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Tyler Madison, Inc.

Tyler Madison, Inc.

Tyler Madison is an Apple Valley, Minnesota-based contract manufacturer of steel wire for a broad range of industries.

Tyler Madison is a contract manufacturer of steel wire for a broad range of industries. The company was founded in 1995, in Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States.

The company looks to provide and manufacture wire rope cable assemblies, push-pull controls with standard and custom fittings, custom cable assemblies, wire rope fittings, steel cables, aircraft cables, cable lanyards, steel cable tether, and wire rope tethers.

The company also offers to manufacture items to assist in design processes, engineering, and manufacturing processes to meet mechanical cable needs for customer requirements. The company also provides design guides for cable construction, cable assembly design, push-pull cable design, recommended tolerances, and measuring points.

The company has their main project which is the Avalanche Airbag System which is a system constructed from custom rip cord and braided conduit with a black polypropylene cover. It is designed to work under a wide range of temperatures, including down to forty degrees below freezing.



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Tyler Madison Inc.



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