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The Mafioso

The Mafioso

One man rules all 🎲 The first AA+ mafia metaverse ♟ Governed by $MAFIA token Announcements: @themafiosoannouncements Twitter:

What is The Mafioso?

At its core, Mafioso is a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) playable experience that provides users with the ability to step into the shoes of a 1920’s mafia gangster. A web3 metaverse/experience developed for both Windows & MacOS, Mafioso combines the most thrilling elements of a 3rd person action/shooter with an idle economy simulation. The result? An immersive experience where strategy governs your every move; how will you climb to the top to take over the underworld?

Within the world of Mafioso, players are susceptible to a high-risk, high-reward metaverse that will keep them captivated through hours of gameplay. From managing legit businesses, to performing acts of organized crime, the experience will vary based on both community and individual decisions. Competition dictates collaboration, action guides the markets; determine how you fit in the world of Mafioso.



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