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Secured Ship

Secured Ship

Secured Ship is a BEP-20 Token with different ways of earning system developed on Binance smart chain

What Is Secured Ship (SHIP)?

We want to offer our holders different ways of earning. Our game is on Google Play Store where you can play and earn. The top 3 players every week will be rewarded with $SHIP!

Liquidity Lock - Liquidity will be locked until 2023. This is for the security of our holders and our token. With Secured Ship, your tokens will be always secured!

Passive Income - Our holders will be able to earn through a variety of things. One of them is Passive Income. Secured Ship holders will be rewarded from transaction fees. You hold, You earn!

Secured Path - It is very important to us that our holders feel safe and be secured. Therefore, our Audit and KYC have been done.


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