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Russian Quantum Center

Russian Quantum Center

The Russian Quantum Center (RQC) is a non-governmental research organization that conducts fundamental and applied research in the field of modern quantum physics and technologies. The Center in its present form was launched in 2012 and is engaged in fundamental research on quantum computing, simulation, communication and sensing, as well as in the development and commercialization of new technologies and devices based on quantum effects. RQC employs over 170 researchers within 12 laboratories at their facilities near Moscow.

The Russian Quantum Center (RQC) is a unique for Russia non-profit science and technology center that in a short time has taken leading positions in its field of research, as well as in the development of high-tech commercial products based on quantum technologies.

Quantum technology gave us lasers, semiconductor devices, and magnetic resonance scanners in the past. In the 21st century, the second quantum revolution began – a new stage in the rapid development of quantum technologies based on the behavior control of single quantum particles.

The RQC's developments – supersensitive sensors, solid-state photomultipliers, femtosecond lasers, supersensitive magnetic cardiograph and others – designed for financial, telecommunication, healthcare and other industries. The key development is a quantum communication system for completely secure data transmission in the banking, government and other fields.

World-renowned scientists and high-tech business leaders jointly supervise the development of the RQC. This unique format allowed the RQC to become in its field the leading scientific center of Russia and one of the best in the world, as well as to start creating high-tech commercial products.

The leading researchers of the RQC are selected by an open international competition and work in collaboration with leading Russian and foreign scientific groups. Training and entry in the work of brighter undergraduate and graduate students allows them to become specialists quickly.

Preparing society for the adoption of new quantum technologies is an important strategic direction of the RQC. The center pays great attention to the popularization of science and awareness-building with the business community and government agencies.



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