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PeakD is a decentralized Social Media with True Ownership. launched in 2020 as a version of on the HIVE blockchain centered on integrating Hive and many other blockchains. The Peak projects began with in early 2018. The story is that @asgarth became too impatient with the then 20-seconds limit on comments. As a developer, he dove into Steem to see if he could create his own tool that would queue his comments. Lo and behold, he never stopped implementing new features and soon, a team would form that is the driving force behind the PeakD that you see today.

Our passion for blockchain, decentralization and our photography connection brought us together and made us a great team.

Since the beginning we have strived for an INTUITIVE site, one that we could invite friends to and they wouldn't be confused. We also wanted a powerful site with all the tools we ever wanted in one place.


March 2020
PeakD was founded.


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