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NFTLaunch will be the FIRST Deflationary, Charitable, Zero Gas War, Fair Distribution, NFT LAUNCHPAD..... EVER!

About NFTLaunch

The NFT storm has taken over 2021, trade volumes for NFTs have seen a rapid growth in the first half of 2021 as the NFT craze continues stronger than ever.

OpenSea alone has done $1.22 billion in volumes in the last 30 days.

NFTLaunch is the next step in our evolution, changing the NFT Marketplace and how launches are conducted forever!

Incubated and brought to you by one of the most renowned teams in the crypto space - BlueZilla!

From the time of inception of our first project 'BSCPad' we have demonstrated time and again that our team truly knows how to 'move the needle' with crypto marketing and technical know-how.

We have the expertise, resources, knowledge and experience. We have demonstrated the same with fair launches of multiple IDOs on our launchpad platforms. NFTLaunch plans on revolutionizing the NFT space by introducing game changing IDO's & NDO's (NFT Decentralized Offerings).

NFTLaunch Intro

NFTLaunch is the FIRST Deflationary Marketplace, Charity, and

NFTLaunch Pad all in ONE convenient package!


The main deflationary mechanisms of NFTLaunch include

a 12% fee on all token sells & early unstaking fees of up to 20%

Sell Fees distribution

5% of the ETH/BNB fees will go into a ‘NFT Fund’ wallet, which the team will use to purchase and AIRDROP FREE NFT’s to tier holders.

4% will be rewarded to NFTLaunch Stakers in ETH.

2% of this tax will go to a wallet which will be used for NFTLaunch token buybacks and burns at the team's discretion.

1% will go to a charity wallet which will be donated on a monthly basis.

Early unstaking Fees

Unstaking your NFTLaunch tokens COULD come at a fee, with the maximum burn fee of up to 20% of your tokens. The minimum wait period for unstaking is 21 days after which NO FEE would be charged on unstaking


We believe in making the world a better place with the technology we have available. There’s no better way to do so than making charitable donations using crypto currency. Not only will we be contributing to life changing charities, We will be spreading awareness of these organizations all while promoting the Crypto space, and the freedom this technology represents. We hope not only that we can make a difference with these donations and impact lives, but also influence future projects to do the same. Each month the team will pick one reputable organization to donate the 1% fee on sells. Once the donation has been made we will be sure to make an announcement and let you know where your money has been donated to!

NFTLaunch and Token Information

IDOs & NDOs (Game Changing IDO’s stretching from a plethora of categories from NFT’s, Metaverse, Gaming, Defi, Socials and much more!) & (NFT Decentralized Offering) - NFTLaunch will follow a THREE tier model. Making it easy for everyone to participate in this new innovative way of participating in IDO's or purchasing NFT’s at the ground level before they are listed on exchanges.

Occasionally there will be times where we will airdrop additional NFT’s to random tier holders. Tier holders will be required to stake their NFTLaunch tokens to participate in NDO’s or IDO's


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