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Kessel Run

Kessel Run

Kessel Run is an Air Force software development, acquisition, delivery and sustainment for warfighters program.

Kessel Run is a company that is responsible for developing agile software, air force domain concepts, and warfare capabilities. They work with the United States Army and Air Force to develop joint concepts to provide software procurements and have overhauled the Pentagon's acquisitions policies.

Kessel Run is a program comprised of military members, contractors, and government civilians developing software and applications for warfighters to shift from legacy development processes and software implementations. It was incepted to move in a new direction when developing applications for the United States Air Force and United States Army. Kessel Run has invested in telemetry analytics to review user data and functionality and accept users' feedback so programs can be adjusted as needed.

Kessel Run currently operates and oversees more than 60 applications used to assist the United States Air Force.



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