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Jason Kottke

Jason Kottke

American blogger

Jason was born on September 27, 1973 in United States of America. He is 47 years old as of year 2020. He celebrates his birthday on 27th September every year. Jason stands at an average height and moderate weight. He appears to be quite tall in stature if his photos, relative to his surroundings, are anything to go by. However, details regarding his actual height and other body measurements are currently not publicly available. We are keeping tabs and will update this information once it is out.


Jason attended Coe College on scholarship in Iowa and after he graduated he began a career in design. He designed the Silkscreen typeface—since used by Adobe, MTV, and Volvo among others in 1999. Due to his popularity, Jason’s design work has been featured in The New Yorker, The New York Times, Forbes, and Brill’s Content. In 2002 he created the iconic Gawker logo in what he claims was “whipped up in Photoshop in 30 minutes as a placeholder”.


After doing our research, details about his parents are not known to the public and it is also not known if he has any siblings.


September 27, 1973
Jason Kottke was born.


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