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Jacy, a token fueled by the community, developed for the purpose of exacting change inthe lives of those involved and those less fortunate than others

Created as a platform to alter the perception of what the blockchain can become, Jacy aims to strengthen our

individualism and creativity for future generations to enjoy. Jacy shies away from

vapidity, and instead seeks to create value, leveraging what it is that makes you, you.

Developing a historical record of the creativity and uniqueness of each individual, a

forum to share and a museum to preserve


Our history to this point has been one of crypto-intrigue. The original team created the

v1 token as a “meme token,” with lofty goals and aspirations. Within weeks, they

abandoned the project, leaving the community, and investors, high and dry. A small

group of community members, investors themselves, decided to come together to try

and restore a true vision to the token. This group would soon become the new

Development Team we know today – with their leadership and vision, they have restored

faith in the project while supporting the growth of the community we’ve achieved today.

Plans to recover the token began to form – the keys, wallets, and contract were soon

secured. Word of the new team’s efforts spread throughout social media and crypto

communities. Soon, members of the community began to sense change, their token

began to rise, and their investment began to grow in value. As strength in the

community increased, so did the strength of the team – a new era began.

As the team worked alongside the growing community, members decided to donate

their time and help in several different ways. New investors and community members

began to join us on various social platforms. The token’s value began to grow, and over

the holiday season of 2021, we reached a critical point in Jacy’s history: every investment

in Jacy made prior to the fallout was suddenly at a positive valuation. We continued

upward to create a new all time high, then settling into consolidation as we continued to

expand our investor base. Shortly after New Years Eve 2022, we achieved a milestone of

3,000 holders without any paid marketing campaign.

As plans formed and our roadmap began to solidify, there became a glaring concern

amongst the team and the future of the token. The original contract, limited in

functionality and fundamentally flawed, would not carry us into the future we strive for as

a community, nor was it a viable technology platform. The decision was made to

develop a new token contract that fulfills all requirements ahead, providing rich utility

and value while designed to support Jacy as a growth-based platform. The new Jacy

token was deployed, and the community migrated on Saturday, January 8th, 2022, a

new day, a new token was born.


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January 6, 2022

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