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Italfarmaco Research

Italfarmaco Research

Italfarmaco Research is a pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.

Italfarmaco Group was created in Milan (Italy) in 1938, under the name of Italfarmaco SpA. Its history has been marked with two milestones: it is one of the few Italian companies established exclusively with national capital and also one of the few companies created before the Second World War.

Not surprisingly, the war years were very difficult for our company. However, in 1942 Italfarmaco launched two products on the market, Glycerovalerovit and Ascorbin Calcium, which were key to its consolidation as a leading laboratory.

In 1975, the international expansion of our laboratory began, and today, it is one of the leading laboratories in research and development.

A decade later, in 1985, Italfarmaco acquired LPB Instituto Farmacéutico SpA, a research centre in which Italfarmaco and Sandoz Italia had invested, and which focused on research in specific areas such as Bone Metabolism.

Sede del Grupo Italfarmaco en España

In 1989 there was another important addition to the Group: the company Zilliken SpA, born in Genoa in 1919, engaged in the production and distribution of medicines through licensed German laboratories.

Italfarmaco is currently leading more than 30 research projects, which are at different stages of development. From basic to clinical research, these projects focus on the following specialities: Gynaecology, Respiratory Care, Dermatology, Bone Metabolism and Oncology.

The strategy of our laboratory is based on three pillars:

To identify innovative ideas that may benefit patients more than existing treatment options.

To conduct research on new administration systems and develop products that can incorporate them.

To develop new chemical entities that focus on therapeutic targets that are specially interesting for the Italfarmaco Group.

Fábrica del Grupo Italfarmaco

In addition, the Italfarmaco Group has an ideal infrastructure for drug research and development. Its Pilot Plant has renewed its GMP certification which applies to the Manufacture of Investigational Medicinal Products.



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