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The liquid staking solution for Aptos

Introducing Ditto

Aptos, like all PoS blockchains, is powered by validators — in order to validate, users must stake Aptos, and in return, they earn additional Aptos rewards.

There is no native delegation on Aptos. Therefore, in order to participate in validation, an individual user would need to deal with:

- Staked balances being illiquid

- Minimum stake requirements

- Running validators themselves

- Without a liquid staking derivative, the average user will not stake their Aptos, leading to reduced Aptos governance participation, reduced network security, and validator centralisation.

This is where Ditto steps in with stAPT.

stAPT - Liquid rewards for staking

Holding Ditto staked Aptos is like holding Aptos but better — users will be able to use their stAPT across the Aptos DeFi ecosystem while earning yield and securing the network.

Users will be able to stake Aptos (APT) with us to receive stAPT — Ditto staked Aptos.

With that stAPT, users will then be able to participate in the Aptos DeFi ecosystem, all the while earning yield and securing the network with zero overhead.

We intend to make stAPT a key primitive on Aptos, by creating an ecosystem around liquid staking and forming rich integrations we can move towards a world where stAPT is a predominant token not only for yield but for utility too.

Users will be easily able to move between stAPT and APT with minimal friction through both swaps on dexes and via staking / unstaking.

With all this in place, we believe that holding stAPT will be strictly better than holding APT in the majority of cases for both users and the network.


August 13, 2022

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