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Cool Cats Pets

Cool Cats Pets

Cool Cats: The Coolest NFT's on the Blockchain.

What is a Cool Pet?

Every Cool Pet hatches from an egg, then evolves into its final form with your help. Just like Cool Cats, every Cool Pet is unique!

The food and items you use to interact with your egg will determine your creature’s look and element.

How Do I Get Items?

Items come from loot crates you can purchase from the Cool Cats Marketplace. You can purchase loot crates with $MILK.

You can earn $MILK by doing daily quests with your Cool Pet. If you’re a Cool Cat holder, you can also earn $MILK each day just by claiming it.

Looking for More Info?

Find details in our Cool Hub on questing, the Cool Shop, the marketplace, and much more about how things work in the world of Cooltopia.



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October 13, 2021

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