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Boockchef is a publishing company based in Ukrane.

BookChef is one of the largest publishing houses in Ukraine. Our portfolio includes more than 450 titles, including world bestsellers by Yuval Noah Harari, Michelle and Barack Obama, Matthew McConaughey, Will Smith, George Orwell, Charles Bukowski, Liu Qixin and many other famous authors. We pay attention to all the most popular genres and publish fiction, business, children's, educational literature, books on psychology, medicine and leisure.

In addition to translated literature, we cooperate with top Ukrainian authors, including entrepreneurs, artists, leading experts and opinion leaders. Their books are top sellers, motivate, inspire, develop and educate. BookChef is a book partner of many cultural and business events, including Kyiv International Economic Forum, SME Forum, U tomorrow Summit, as well as a regular participant of the largest book exhibitions in Ukraine, including "Book Arsenal", "Publishers' Forum", "Green Wave" and others . We believe that reading broadens one's horizons and cultivates culture. And our goal is to focus your attention on the main thing - on the useful content and answers for which you read our books.

BookChef - books that shape personality.



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