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Avanti Ukraine

Avanti Ukraine

Avanti Ukraine is a bicycle manufacturer from Ukraine.

The history of the Avanti company begins in 2007, when the first assembly line was launched and the production of AVANTI bicycles began. In that year, the first bicycle, which was on a steel frame, entered the market.

Avanti bicycle

From the very beginning, the company's goal was to produce high-quality, but at the same time affordable bicycles for the Ukrainian consumer.

Bicycles manufactured by the company: Cross-country, mountain, two-suspension, bmx, for teens, for children, women.

AVANTI CORSA 26" (2020)

In 2008, at the Bike Expo exhibition in Kiev, the first models based on aluminum frames - Smart and Dynamite - were shown, these bikes were warmly received by Ukrainian buyers and received a wide range of positive reviews.

Since 2009, Avanti's range of bikes has been steadily expanding and now includes more than 30 bike models.

The support of Ukrainian buyers inspires designers to further develop and improve products. Year after year, the manufacturer expands the range, improves the quality of bicycles and frame design. And thanks to the unchanging principle: "Quality is higher than the price", the AVANTI brand has firmly occupied its niche in the Ukrainian bicycle market.


Avati Bicycle

Product code: avt-666m21-grey/green-s-21

  1. Wheel diameter: 29
  2. Frame material: aluminum
  3. Frame Size: 21"
  4. Brake type: disc hydraulic



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June 20, 2018

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