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Air Force ACE

Air Force ACE

Air Force ACE is a Korean StarCraft professional team composed of members of the South Korean Air Force. Its current roster contains 11 players.

The Air Force team was founded in late 2006 when they announced that enlisted former pro-gamers Clon, ChRh, and H.O.T-Forever would be allowed to participate in the winter preliminaries. In South Korea, military service is mandatory for males (for 2 years at the time, though it has been reduced since then to 18 months), and the team thus attracted pro gamers who wanted to practice and compete during service. In April 2007, these 3 players, as well as Boxer, Mumyung, Sunny, fOru, and Rage, formed the core of the official team under the name Air-Force Challenges E-Sports (ACE). Air Force ACE first participated in proleague during the Shinhan Bank 2007 season.



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Air Force ACE vs MBCGame HERO @ Proleague 2007 [Game 1-2]


May 6, 2007


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