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AiQ Engineering

AiQ Engineering

AiQ Engineering is a Texas based software engineering company providing software development and consultation services. The company provides technology strategy consulting, application development for web and mobile, and Big Data analysis.


Software development is the primary service provided by the company. Along with software development, it helps the company move their infrastructure to the cloud to extend their market reach. The company also provides machine learning services to help companies with big data to get insights. The company also explores Artificial Intelligence and machine learning with natural language processing and neuroevolution. On March 2018, it used natural language processing to extract insights like most talked about players on NBA from comments on a web forum.


Austin Osborne, Aaron Raymer, and Venkat Yashwant Gunapati founded the company in February 2018 and is headquartered in Frisco, Texas. The founders have all come from a software engineering background. Austin is an MIT graduate with a Master’s Degree in Machine Learning from Georgia Tech. Venkat has previously worked as Big Data Engineer for IBM Watson Client Solutions team responsible for building IBM's Predictive Customer Analytics product. Aaron worked as a Machine Learning Engineer at Capital One.



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April 22, 2021


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