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AI Magazine

AI Magazine

AI Magazine is a digital media publication and subsidiary publication of the BizClik Media Group, with a focus on artificial intelligence.


AI Magazine is a digital media publication focused on the artificial intelligence (AI) industry. It offers a place for brands, executives, and industry leaders to advertise their offerings and publish their ideas. The publication is a subsidiary publication of the BizClik Media Group, which houses several digital magazines, websites, newsletters, live events, webinars, and whitepapers for their global brands; the brands are focused on a range of business and industry-specific platforms.

AI Magazine works to connect artificial intelligence brands and their senior executives with the latest trends, industry insight, and influential projects in the artificial intelligence industry. This includes work by established, trusted, and leading voices on artificial intelligence and allows readers to engage with a targeted audience of global executives. AI Magazine also offers a space to showcase and advertise products and services, share achievements, and enhance a company's reputation in the industry through publications. The publication notes they have over 75,000 monthly online views, with 84,000 executive email distributions and more than 55,000 monthly views on social media platforms.



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