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Полезные свойства и химический состав тыквы. Противопоказания и вред. Применение тыквенных семян, масла и сока. Тыква в медицине, кулинарии, косметологии.

Pumpkin is a healthy food product that can rightfully be called a natural multivitamin. All the substances that make up the bright pulp do not lose their usefulness even during heat treatment. In addition, pumpkin seeds are another storehouse of health. It is recommended not to throw them away, but to dry them and keep them: in the spring they will help prevent vitamin deficiency and other health problems. Decorative varieties of this plant can decorate the interior and delight the eye with bright colors and flawless shapes. Back in the old days, when sweets such as ice cream and chocolates were rare, a piece of baked sweet pumpkin was considered a real treat. The secret of the longevity of our ancestors can be explained by the fact that their daily diet was rich in healthy foods. Without special knowledge, they, relying on personal experience, were convinced of the beneficial effect of pumpkin on the body. Learn more:

The pumpkin fruit consists of a peel (about 17% of the total weight), pulp (up to 73%) and seeds (about 10%). Pumpkin is a natural source of many important minerals and vitamins that have a beneficial effect on the body. Learn more:


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