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MegaStudy is an online and offline university entrance exam site in South Korea.

Daechi-dong, Gangnam, which is called the mecca of private education in Korea, has already established enough recognition and reputation as an offline course and is the first company to commercialize online courses in the field of private education.

However, as it struggled considerably with the rapid growth of E2u and SkyEDU in 2010, it gradually lost its stake in continuous instructor leakage and aggressive marketing of the two companies, and changed its ranking in 2015 when Shin Seung-beom, a former site integrated math hit, moved to E2u. However, as Hyun Woo-jin was recruited for the position, he succeeded in reversing the game, and since then, he has been on a roll without a separate T-pass sale, centering on talented instructors in each subject.

And from 2021, it recruited Bae Ki-beom, Oh Ji-hoon, and Baek-ho, one of ITUS' science exploration instructors, and from 2023, Daesung MyMac's chemistry instructors Jeong Hoon-gu, and successfully launched Kang Min-cheol, the fourth-largest Korean language instructor, before serving as a social service worker.



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