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Zen-O lite

Zen-O lite

Zen-O Lite is a portable oxygen concentrator manufactured by Gas Control Equipment Ltd.

Zen-O lite is a lightweight portable oxygen concentrator from GCE Healthcare, weighing just 2.5kg. The device is designed for patients with active lifestyles requiring long term oxygen therapy (LTOT). Zen-O lite delivers oxygen on demand, triggered by the patient's inhalation. Whether a patient is climbing the stairs or taking a walk, Zen-O lite will automatically respond to the breath rate and adjust the amount of oxygen needed to ensure the patient remains oxygen saturated. It offers an oxygen output of up to 1050ml per minute and holds one battery that can last up to 4 hours.

Zen-O lite is supplied with a variety of accessories, including a carry bag, battery, AC and DC power supply cables and a user guide. The device is suitable for everyday use and is really quiet some patients will even forget it's there.


The Zen-O lite offers a durable design suitable for air travel, a breath detection indicator as well as eco and auto modes available through a large LCD display, and offers replaceable sieve modules.


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