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Yurii Andrukhovych

Yurii Andrukhovych

Ukrainian writer, poet, essayist and translator

Yuri Andrukhovich (born March 13, 1960) - poet, novelist, essayist, translator. He was born in Stanislav (now Ivano-Frankivsk). Author of poetry collections "Sky and Squares" (1985), "City Center" (1989), "Exotic Birds and Plants" (1991), "Exotic Birds and Plants" with the addition of "India" (1997, 2002), "Songs for a Dead Rooster" "(2004) and selected" Letters to Ukraine "(2013). At the center of the prosaic heritage are the novels "Recreation" (1992), "Muscovy" (1993), "Perversion" (1996), "Twelve Hoops" (2003), "instead of the novel" Secret "(2007)," Lovers of Justice " (2018), as well as the "Lexicon of Intimate Cities" (2011). Andrukhovych's essays have been published today in three collections: Disorientation in the Field (1999), The Devil Hides in Cheese (2006) and Phantomas Buried Here (2015). Andrukhovich's works have been translated and published in Poland, Germany, Canada, Hungary, Finland, Russia, Serbia, the USA, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, Belarus, etc. Among a number of literary awards is the Leipzig Book Prize. in European Mutual Understanding (2006), Angelus Literary Prize of Central Europe (Wrocław, Poland, 2006), Hannah Arendt for her contribution to political thought (2014) and the International Vilnius Award (Slovenia, 2017).


March 1960
Yurii Andrukhovych was born in Ivano-Frankivsk.


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April 4, 2020

Yurii Andrukhovych


September 22, 2020


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