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Matías "Whitelotus" Musso (born August 27, 1996) is an Argentine player who is currently playing as a Botlaner for Globant Emerald Team.


His name is Matías Musso and was born in Marcos Juárez, Córdoba, Argentina. He lived in Chile during his time in Last Kings and Kaos Latin Gamers. Now lives in Mexico since joined Lyon Gaming in 2016. He started to play League of Legends in Season 2.

2014 Season

WhiteLotus started his professional career at RtN Gaming and then PEX, before moving on to join Last Kings on December 10, where he played with BlackLotus for the second time.

2015 Season

The first competitive season for him was in Last Kings, where played along with Nipphu, Nephthys, Gos, and Electra in the Latin America Cup 2015. They finalized the regular season in the 3rd place, qualifying directly to the playoffs. They played against Kaos Latin Gamers on the semifinals, finalizing the Bo5 0-3 and ending the season in the 3rd place.

After failing to win the cup in the first split, WhiteLotus left Last Kings and joined Kaos Latin Gamers in May 13, team who won the Opening split. The team was Helior, Juliostito, Regi, him, and BearJew. They ended up the round robin in the first place with a 9-1 record and qualifying to the playoffs. They faced Rebirth eSports in the semifinals, winning the series 3-1 and qualifying to the finals. In the finals, they played against Furious Gaming. When everyone thought that it would be a close series, KLG crushed FG with a clean 3-0. After winning LAS finals, they faced the LAN champions Lyon Gaming in the Grand Final, looking for the qualification to the IWCT in Chile.

KLG won in the finals for the second time in a row and qualified to the IWCT, where they played against paiN Gaming and Hard Random, looking for a spot in the next Worlds. They lost the first three matches and won the fourth, forcing a tiebraker with Hard Random. They won the tiebreaker and played a Bo5 against paiN Gaming, where the Brazilians won with a clean 3-0. WhiteLotus left KLG on September 27.

2016 Season

He rejoined Last Kings for the 2016 season, this time along with Nipphu, Focho, Rakyz, and Badmilk. They finished the regular season in 2nd place with a record of 3-6-1 (12-8) and qualified to playoffs. They won 3-0 against Rebirth eSports in semifinals and faced Isurus Gaming in the finals. Unfortunately, ISG won with a clean 3-0. WhiteLotus finalized his second time in LK on May 2.

One day after leaving Last Kings, he emigrated to Mexico and joined Lyon Gaming, where he played along with his friend Seiya and the other teammates Jirall, Oddie, and Arce. He has adapted quickly to the new team and had a very good relationship with his teammates. The first regular season in LAN, his team ended the round robin with a clean 10-0 (20-2) and qualifying directly to the semifinals, where they faced ZAGA Talent Gaming. Lyon won the semifinals series with an easily 3-0. In the finals, they played against Just Toys Havoks, but they weren't worthy rivals either.

After winning 3-0 in the finals, Lyon qualified to the 2016 International Wildcard Qualifier to play in Brazil, looking for a spot in the 2016 Worlds. In the IWCQ, they expected to end up in the last position, but they smashed every team in the group stage, and only Albus NoX Luna beat them. They finalized the group stage in the first place with a 6-1 record. In the bracket stage, they faced Albus NoX Luna and, after five amazing games, Lyon lost 2-3 and WhiteLotus failed to qualify to Worlds for the second time in two consecutive years. After this tournament, Arce retires from competitive, leaving WhiteLotus without a support.

On October, Lyon played the IEM Season 11 - Challenger, looking for a spot in IEM Oakland and the first tournament in the season without Arce. Choisix joined the team for a tryout period and played this tournament with the team. In the first round, Lyon faced Chiefs and lost 2-0. In the Loser's Bracket, they faced Kaos Latin Gamers, where they won 2-0. In the next round, they played against Chiefs again, and the winner of this Bo3 would qualify to IEM Oakland. Unfortunately, Lyon lost 2-0 again and closed its participation in the tournament with a poor performance.

2017 Season

On December 16, 2016, the new support for Lyon Gaming was announced. Genthix, WhiteLotus' friend, would be the support of the team for the coming season. During the split, Lyon showed an absolute dominance in every single game. After the amazing campaign from them, ending the Regular Season with 13 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses, the team qualifies to the Playoffs (several weeks before the end of the split). They just lost a single game against Infinity eSports. WhiteLotus ended this Round Robin with a KDA of 4.85, after 28 games. They faced Predators eSports in the Playoffs, ending the series with an easy 3-0. They beated Just Toys Havoks with another clean 3-0 in the Finals and qualified to the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational in Brazil.

They faced Isurus Gaming, GIGABYTE Marines, and in the Group B of the MSI Play-In stage. After a great performance, his team ended its MSI journey on 2nd place in his group with a record of 4-2, just behind the 5-1's Marines (team that later qualified to the main event and was considered one of the best teams of the entire tournament).

On July 2017, a new worldwide tournament called Rift Rivals was celebrated. Unfortunately, WhiteLotus didn't participate on this tournament due to visa issues in Mexico.

For the second split of the year, Lyon Gaming was the champion of the 2017 LLN Closing Season, after ending the round robin with a record of 11-3-0 (25-3) and after beating Predators eSports and Just Toys Havoks in semi-finals and finals of the playoffs, respectively. That meant that the team will attend for the first time to the World Championship, being him and Genthix the first argentinian players on a Worlds event.

On the Worlds Play-In, they were matched with 2017 Mid-Season Invitational's runner-up Team WE from China and 2017 LCL Summer champion Gambit Esports from Russia, being this the most difficult group of the Play-In stage. WhiteLotus got a pentakill in the second game versus Gambit Esports and was also the first of the tournament. Affortunately, the team had an outstanding performance and managed to qualify for the next stage, where they faced Cloud9. Suddenly, Lyon lost 0-3 versus them, ending the dream to compete on the Worlds Main Event, but one more time being flattered by the Riot worldwide casters and players from other teams for their amazing way to play the game, specially WhiteLotus.

2018 Season

During the Preseason 2018, it was announced that WhiteLotus was suspended for 4 competitive months starting in January due to some toxic behavior in SoloQ. This meant him will not be able to play in any tournament until May 1. Several weeks before, his team Lyon Gaming was forced to change their name and logo if they want to still compete in the LLN, and also they had to pay $10,000 to Thyak for the brand rights. The team's new name was Rainbow7.

After four whole months being unable to play, Matías was unbanned on May 1.


August 1996
Whitelotus was born in Argentine Republic.


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