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White captivity

White captivity

A 2006 feature film about the survival of dogs in Antarctica. A remake of the 1983 Japanese film "Antarctic Story", based on real events.


The film takes place in the vast expanses of Antarctica in 1993. An employee of the Antarctic station, Jerry Sheppard, and University professor Davis McLaren went dog sledding in search of a meteorite. On the way back, the professor broke his leg and was in icy water, and Jerry needed help with frostbite. Due to a strong storm, the station staff was evacuated, and 8 dogs of the northern sled breed remained.At first it was supposed to return in a few days, but the continuing storm, and then the onset of winter, did not allow this. The dogs had to survive the Antarctic winter alone for about six months. In the end, six of the eight dogs remained alive. Jack didn't break loose and froze, Dewey fell off a cliff. The third — the leader of the "pack" Maya — was injured by a sea leopard, but it happened shortly before Jerry returned, so the dog was rescued.The plot of the film is based on the real events of 1958-1959, when two of the 15 dogs left at the Antarctic station, Taro and Jiro, were able to survive the winter and waited for people to return.

The creation of the film

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"White Captivity" is a remake of the 1983 Japanese film "Antarctic Story", which, in turn, is based on the real events of 1958.

More than 30 dogs participated in the filming of the film. Max, Maya, Jack and Buck have already starred in another film about dogs "Snow Dogs".

In a TV interview, Paul Walker said that on the set of all the dogs-heroes of the film, he liked Shorts the most.


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