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Voice of Vietnam

Voice of Vietnam

Radio station

The Voice of Vietnam is the Vietnamese national radio broadcaster. Directly controlled by the government of Vietnam, it is tasked with propagating the policies of the Party and the laws of the state.

Prior to 1945, the Vietnamese were banned from owning radio receivers,[citation needed] and broadcasting was under control of the French colonial government, which established the first radio station in Vietnam, Radio Saigon, in the late 1920s.[citation needed]

Vietnam's national radio station, now called the Voice of Vietnam, started broadcasting from Hanoi just a week after the declaration of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam with the declaration "This is the Voice of Vietnam, broadcasting from Hanoi, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam." During the Vietnam War, Radio Hanoi operated as a propaganda tool of North Vietnam. In August 1968, Voice of Vietnam commenced shortwave broadcasts for Vietnamese living abroad.

South Vietnam set up its own network in Saigon in 1955 from the roots of the ex-State of Vietnam's station, named as Radio Vietnam. Meanwhile, in 1962, the NLFSVN established their own radio station, named Liberation Radio Station.

Following Reunification, all of the radio stations were combined into the Voice of Vietnam, which became the national radio station in 1978.

In 1990, VOV launched the first FM station of the network, with the original frequency at 100.0 MHz. At first, this station was dedicated to music, entertainment and information program. It later become the flagship frequency of the news and generalist station (VOV1), whereas the music content was transferred into the FM frequency of 102.7 MHz - which is the music station VOV3 at present.

The Vietnamese-language program for Vietnamese diaspora was first transmitted in 16 August 1991 on longwaves and shortwaves, following the foreign language programs since the founding of the radio network's external service. At the same year, the socio-culture oriented station VOV2 was established.

In 1998, Radio the Voice of Vietnam published its first daily newspaper, named Voice of Vietnam. At the same time, the first FM radio channel for the foreign community in Vietnam, operated-and-owned by VOV World Service, was inaugurated. The station transmitted at the frequency of FM 105.5 MHz in Hanoi and 105.7 MHz in Ho Chi Minh City. The following year (1999), VOV expanded its platform with the launching of the news webpage (later

On 1 October 2004, VOV began transmitting VOV4, a radio station dedicated to minorities in Vietnam nationwide.


June 2, 2015
On 2 June 2015, Voice of Vietnam officially acquired the VTC Digital Television Network from the Ministry of Information and Communications.
May 18, 2009
From 18 May 2009, the VOV Transportation Network was established.

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