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Tamaris is a German trademark. Manufacturer of high-tech shoes and accessories for women.

The Tamaris trademark was founded in Germany in 1967. The company produces fashionable shoes that attract customers not only with their appearance, but also with the availability of technology.

Tamaris is one of the few brands actively creating and implementing technologies in shoes. To create its products, Tamaris uses only natural raw materials - leather, suede and nubuck. Among the technologies used in the brand's shoes, a system called Antishokk deserves special attention, thanks to which the load on the spine when walking is reduced by half, which is especially important for women who love high-heeled shoes.

Thanks to the brand's popularity exceeding more than 90% in Germany, Tamaris belongs to the most famous shoe brands in Europe and, accordingly, to the flagships of the industry.

The Tamaris product range includes more than 3,000 items in various categories: boots, ankle boots, shoes, sneakers, sneakers, as well as in the lines of accessories: umbrellas, clutches, cosmetic bags, purses, belts, backpacks, bags, scarves.



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