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Space tourism

Space tourism

Space travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes

It is believed that the night sky creates an intrinsic sense of awe in every human; the stars provide context and scale for the planet, and our individual place on earth, in space, and in time. When we look at the stars, we realize how small we are -- and how important our planet is as our home.

Space tourism is the practice of traveling into space for recreational, leisure or business purposes.

To define Space Tourism, one must make a conscious decision to consider space tourism in a wider context. Space Tourism is not confined to space alone. In the next decade as 'extraterrestrial space tourism' gains momentum, we shouldn't feel confined to watching and waiting. We can all enjoy terrestrial space tourism activities -- sometimes called 'astrotourism' -- , solar eclipses included.

Space Should Be Accessible to Everyone. There is an attitude that space is only accessible to the super-rich. We do not believe this is true. Any human on the planet can have a space experience, and we work to create the resources to help them do so. In the long term, we hope to provide financial assistance for space-based experiences.

The Solar Eclipse is one of the Year's Biggest Events -- Yes, it's Space Tourism too.


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