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Space organization

Space organization

How to restore order in the apartment and start a new life

We are for an intelligent approach to cleaning, therefore we draw up an action plan to sort out household rubble

Disorders are different: for example, the apartment has not been cleaned for a long time, it has not been vacuumed or dusted, things are lying around in some places, there is a forgotten cup of coffee in the living room. Restoring cleanliness in this case is not difficult: a couple of hours - and everything will be in the best possible way!

Another thing is a chronic disorder. Now this is a serious diagnosis. In such a house you can’t immediately clean it up, you can’t even wash the floor properly - something lies at every step, the window sills are forced to the eyeballs. There is not a single free surface in the whole apartment, everything is thrown with things, and dust is also covered from above. The owners of such impenetrable "jungles" are embarrassed to invite guests, and they themselves are not averse to running away from home on occasion. From the outside, it may seem that the house has generally given up. In fact, its owners are depressed, but do not find the strength and time to overcome the devastation. And the problem is getting bigger.

If chronic clutter is your home, don't despair! Whatever the scale of the disaster, the human mind is able to defeat chaos - at least within a single apartment.

Puzzle for the mind

Some people look down on domestic showdowns, considering them an occupation that does not require intellectual and creative effort. They are greatly mistaken. To put things in order in the apartment, you will first have to think with your brains. Building a really logical and usable system in a small space is a real puzzle.

Let's find all the problems

The easiest way to see the running mess is in the photos. Let's pick up a smartphone and take a picture of each room from four angles so that every fragment of the wall enters. We begin to look at photographs and write down everything that is chronically out of place.

Determine the order of work

We should get a detailed list of everything that we do not like in the house. We mentally divide each room into zones and understand what problems each of them has. The mess in the kitchen is too general thesis, we will point out what specifically worries us. For example, a mountain of bills, receipts and all sorts of obscure pieces of paper on the table mixed with your favorite newspaper and cookies.

Now we will try to understand why the mess is formed in this place. Most likely, accounts get stuck here because the apartment does not have a special “information” center where receipts could be stored and business documentation kept.

The result of this analysis will be a list with things of two categories.

- In the first place we put things that objectively do not have enough convenient storage space. We will return to them a little later.

- In the second, we write down which surfaces are forced / littered / littered. But at the same time, things have a permanent place on them. From here we will start cleaning.

We create a new system

Why do blockages form? There are objective reasons for the chronic mess. Laziness as a reason is not included in this list, although it could be in the top three.

- The first reason is that certain types of things don't have their own place.

- Second: there are more things than places to store.

- Third: storage spaces are inconvenient - located in the wrong place, do not open well, etc.

To identify and overcome these causes is our main task after the visible blockages have been eliminated.


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