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Sergei Avakyants

Sergei Avakyants

Russian admiral

Avakyants Sergey Iosifovich (born 6.4.1958, Yerevan), Russian military figure, Fleet Admiral (2014). He was born into the family of I. S. Avakyants, a naval officer. Graduated from the P.S. Nakhimov Black Sea Higher Naval School. Graduated from the P.S. Nakhimov Black Sea Naval Academy (1980). Kuznetsov (1991), the Military Academy of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation (2007). Served in the Northern Fleet: commander of the control group of the anti-aircraft missile and artillery battalion of the large anti-submarine ship "Admiral Yumashev"; commander of the anti-aircraft missile and artillery battalion of the missile and artillery battalion, assistant commander, senior assistant commander (1980-89) and commander (1991-96) of the missile cruiser "Marshal Ustinov"; Deputy Commander (1996-98), Chief of Staff (1998-2001) and Commander (2001-03) of the 43rd missile ship division; Chief of Staff of the 7th operational squadron (2003-05). From May to September 2007 - Chief of Staff, Novorossiysk Naval Base, Black Sea Fleet. 2007-10 - Commander of the Primorskaya Flotilla of Joint Forces of the Pacific Fleet. Since 2010 - Acting Commander, since 2012 - Commander of the Pacific Fleet.

Awarded the Order for Military Merit (1996) and the Order for Naval Merit (2010); Order for Merit to the Fatherland, 2nd Class (2002); Medal of the Russian Orthodox Church "In Memory of the Millennium of the Presentation of Grand Duke Vladimir Equal to the Apostles" (2015), etc.


April 6, 1958
Sergei Avakyants was born in Yerevan.


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