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R15 Oxygen Unit

R15 Oxygen Unit

The R15 Oxygen Unit is a portable emergency oxygen system manufactured by Rapid Oxygen.

The R15 is a portable emergency oxygen system developed and manufactured by Rapid Oxygen. The system is intended to be used similar to an AED in public emergency situations. The R15 does not require users to have any specific training; as part of the ease of use, the R15 does not require oxygen cylinders and is therefore non-explosive and safe to transport and safe to store in a public place. The R15 is cleared by the FDA for emergency use as an over-the-counter device and not requiring a medical prescription.

R15 delivers 6 liters of 100% humidified oxygen per minute for over 15 minutes of pure oxygen supply. It includes a latex-free oxygen mask and connecting tube and has as simple lever operation. The ideal operating temperature range of the R15 is between 68° and 75° Fahrenheit. The unit has a 2 year shelf life, is a one-time use product, and weighs approximately 16 pounds.


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