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Privat24 is the most popular Internet-banking service in Ukraine. It operates on 26 June 2001 and belongs to PrivatBank.

Privat24 is the most popular Internet-banking service in Ukraine. It operates on June 26, 2001 and is owned by PrivatBank.

The system is designed for remote control over bank accounts of PrivatBank and other Ukrainian banks in real-time mode. Registration in the service is optional.

Access to the system can be provided both via web-version and mobile add-ons for Android and iOS operating systems.

Access to "Privat24" via Web-version is made with a phone call from the bank or with the help of one-time dynamic passwords, which are sent to the users via SMS. Mobile version can be accessed either by entering a regular password or using biometric authentication technology: by fingerprint or facial recognition.

History of development

The Privat24 system was launched on 26 March 2001.

One-time dynamic SMS-passwords were used to enter the system and to confirm financial transactions. PrivatBank became one of the first financial institutions in the world to use this technology.

In 2003, two important functions were added to Privat24:

First, the ability to make P2P-transactions to the card of any bank in the world. PrivatBank client needs only to indicate the number of the recipient's card when creating a payment and send the money;

Secondly, customers were given an opportunity to apply for an online card - an international virtual bank card for payment for goods and services in online stores. The card became available at Privat24, starting from 16 years of age.

In 2010, the first version of Privat24 mobile add-on was released for downloading on smartphones with support of iOS and Android operating systems.

In 2015 the "Chugister" service was launched - a loyalty program for Privat24 and LiqPay users. When paying for goods and services in online stores or making payments through Privat24 customers receive free vouchers or discounts on services and products of leading Ukrainian and world companies. During the first four months of work, the service distributed 1.2 million promo codes.

In April 2018, the beta-testing of the web version of the new design of Privat24 NEXT started. Access became widely available, and any user could get acquainted with the updated interface of the system.

On 17 June 2018, the official launch of the popular mobile payment system Apple Pay on the territory of Ukraine took place. PrivatBank became the first Ukrainian bank whose cards in combination with iOS devices can be used to pay for purchases using NFC technology. Customers can add the card to the electronic wristband Apple Pay through the mobile add-on "Privat24".

In January 2018, a similar possibility appeared for the owners of mobile devices on the Android operating system. To make contactless payments with the help of Google Pay mobile payment service, the customer has to add his or her card to the Google Pay electronic wallet using the "Privat24" add-on.

In January 2019, PrivatBank's clients were able to install original virtual covers (digital skins) for their cards in Apple Pay and Google Pay through Privat24 system. PrivatBank with the support of MasterCard payment system was the first in the world to start this function. Visa was later also involved. Also in February 2019 PrivatBank launched a bot for ordering large amounts of credit, which can be picked up at a convenient branch. The bot started working in the mobile add-on Privat24 and the Privat24 online banking system.

The same month the new Privat24 mobile app started its beta-testing. To participate in the test, customers had to fill in a special form on the official site of PrivatBank and then receive an email with the URL link to download the mobile add-on. During the entire period of the test, nearly 250,000 users participated in it, leaving 20,000 feedbacks.

On December 12, 2019, the final version of the new Privat24 add-on was officially released. The same day the add-on became available for downloading from App Store and Google Play.

The same day FacePay24 was announced - a new technology of biometric face payment. This is a joint project of PrivatBank and Visa. FacePay launch became possible due to integration of modern Visa payment methods and Amazon Rekognition automatic face recognition technology with the new Privat24 mobile banking platform.

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