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The oldest monthly literary, artistic and socio-political journal of the Union of Writers of Belarus

The journal publishes prose, poetry, journalism, critical and literary articles, reviews and translations. The journal was awarded the Order of the Badge of Honor.

Specialization - Belarusian literary, artistic and socio-political magazine

Frequency - 12 times a year

language - Belarusian

Editorial address - 220005 Minsk, Zakharova street, 19

Chief Editor - Ales Badak

Founders - Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus, Union of Writers of Belarus, editorial and publishing institution Publishing house" Zvyazda

Country - Belarus

Publisher - editorial and publishing institution "Publishing house" Zvyazda "

Circulation - 2670


It has been published since December 1922 in the Belarusian language in Minsk. More than 1015 issues have been published. Yakub Kolas and Yanka Kupala stood at the origins of the creation.

Around the magazine, the oldest Belarusian writers united, who in 1927 formed the literary organization "Polymya" (Y. Kupala, Y. Kolas, A. Gurlo, T. Gartny). The editors also attracted members of the literary organizations Molodnyak and Uzvyshsha to cooperation. Since 1934, "Polymya" has been an organ of the Union of Writers of the BSSR

The first ten years (until 1932) the magazine was managed by the editorial board, which included Tishka Gartny, Zmitrok Byadulya, Vsevolod Ignatovsky, Wulf Nodel. In 1932, Platon Golovach was appointed the first editor and the journal began to be called "Fire of Revolution". In 1933, Mikhail Lynkov became the editor of the publication. During the Great Patriotic War, the magazine was not published. Rebuilt in January 1945 under its current name.

In 2002-2012 he was a member of the editorial and publishing institution "Litaratura and Art". Now - as part of the editorial and publishing institution Publishing house "Zvyazda"

Chief Editors
  1. Platon Golovach (1932-1933)
  2. Mikhail Lynkov (1933-1941)
  3. Piotr Brovka (1945-1948)
  4. Maxim Tank (1948-1967)
  5. Pavel Kovalev (1967-1972)
  6. Kastus Kireenko (1972-1986)
  7. Sergey Zakonnikov (1986-2002)
  8. Nikolai Metlitsky (2002-2014)
  9. Ales Badak (2014-2015)
  10. Elena Malchevskaya (2015—2021)
  11. Viktor Shnip (since July 2021)

Kondrat Krapiva, Fedos Shinkler, Grigory Berezkin, Mykola Khvedorovich, Vasil Vitka, Pyotr Glebka, Mikhail Mashara, Jan Skrygan, Ales Bachilo, Sergey Dergay, Gennady Klevko, Alexei Rusetsky, Ivan Melezh, Yanka Bryl, Ivan Chigrinov, Anatoly Velyugin , Vyacheslav Adamchik, Boris Sachenko, Mikhail Streltsov, Ryhor Borodulin.


There are permanent headings "Poetry", "Prose", "In fraternal unity" (translations), "Literary criticism", "Figures", "Documents of the era", "Scientific publications", "Pages of fate".


In the post-war years, almost all the major works of Belarusian prose were published in the journal. Yakub Kolas, Yanka Kupala, Mikhas Charot, Tishka Gartny, Kuzma Chorny, Pyotr Brovka, Arkady Kuleshov, Kondrat Krapiva, Maxim Tank, Ivan Melezh, Ivan Shamyakin, Vasil Bykov, Vladimir Korotkevich, Maxim Luzhanin, Ivan Naumenko , Ivan Chigrinov, Yanka Bryl, Vasil Vitka.

Most famous published works
  • Ivan Melezh - "People in the Swamp" (1961)
  • Janka Bryl - "Birds and Nests" (1963)
  • Ivan Shamyakin - "Heart in the palm of your hand" (1963)
  • Vladimir Korotkevich - Ears under your sickle (1965)
  • Vasil Bykov - "Sign of Trouble" (1983)
  • Vyacheslav Adamchik - "Alien patrimony" (1978)
Interesting Facts

The first cover of the magazine was drawn by the artist Mikhas Filippovich.


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