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Crowdsale Protocol

A decentralized smart-contract application for crowdfunding the release of intellectual property under open licences.

What's it worth to me?

Projects providing public goods usually suffer from the free-rider problem, where people hold back hoping others will contribute enough. But with the Blind Crowdsale Protocol, you can't see how much others are contributing, so you can't free-ride without risking failure of the crowdsale. If you really want what's on offer, you have to contribute in line with the value it will add in your work and life.

Meet me half-way.

As a creator, setting a low offer price gives the best chance of success, and because the overshoot is shared, you don't miss out on higher contributions.

The more the merrier.

Overchute-sharing turns contributors into marketers. As a contributor, you'll want to refer the crowdsale to other potential contributors, to increase the chance of success and the size of the overshoot, which reduces your own net contribution.


August 10, 2021
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