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The (r)evolution in prediction markets. Stake to win.

Launching on Solana

Solana has enjoyed unrivalled momentum in both community and total value locked. With over 75% of all Sol stacked in the network its one of the most loyal communities out there. Total value locked has recently exceeded $14B USD and its programming language Rust is type safe and memory safe making it the ideal basis for Nezha’s smart contracts.

Liquidity Engine

The evolution from high stakes to staking. Nezha is the liquidity engine running these markets. The protocol pools funds from protocol participants as well as reserve backers. The Nezha smartcontract distributed the liquidity for optimal Yield Generation and risk management.

Generarting Yield Pots

Nezha will pool the generated yield in regular time intervals for distribution among prediction market participants. The principal stake is never distributed, only the yield generated will be made availiable. Distribution will follow chance dynamics with guaranteed weekly beneficiaries.

Prediction Markets

Nezha will launch its first prediction market in Q1 of 2022. We will continue to develop prediction markets for protocol participants to trade. Market outcomes are verifiably random with on chain records stored. The initial launch market will represent a prediction draw.


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Welcome to Nezha -- A New Paradigm for Prediction Markets


December 22, 2021

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