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Mykola Berezdetskyi

Mykola Berezdetskyi

Biography and an interesting story about a guy who has always been interested in making money online.

Hi. My name is Mykola Berezdetsky. I was born on April 5, 1994 in a small village in Ukraine.

As is usually the case with childhood children in rural areas, so it was with me. School, games and get used to the life of a country boy. I always studied well at school, but I never wanted to be an excellent student. He taught all the lessons with ease and always loved to write works and stories.

Probably this is the beginning of my career as a copywriter. He always wrote works from head to toe. And after writing all day I went and thought how this work can be supplemented.

The first steps in writing.

The first thing I remembered was the freelance exchange. I never thought that you could get paid for writing. It's that simple, I thought to myself. And then I told myself that I would make money online.

I sold my first custom-made article for $1.5. The article was 2,500 characters long, which I wrote in half an hour. From that moment on, feeling motivated and in the long run financially, I began to write a lot.

This is not the end of writing articles.

Eventually, I started to get bored of it all. I lost interest in writing custom articles. I wanted something bigger, I wanted to write about what I like and not about what the customer wants. And then I thought about creating my own blog. At that time, it was a big step forward for me.

Writing articles has grown into creating websites.

In 2012, I already had my own blog and readers. But I never liked something stereotyped. I always wanted something special and unique. I sometimes do layout and design. He improved his blog, created websites and online stores for others. By that time I was a student I could already afford more and was earning twice my scholarship.

Writing and creating websites is just a small step in this world of technology.

It was at a time when I was sitting on the Internet day and night looking for useful information for myself that I first heard about such a concept as "Cryptocurrency". At that time, bitcoin cost only a couple of cents. After understanding what it is, I started accepting bitcoin as payment for articles and sites. Sometimes I had 100-1000 bitcoins in my wallet. I could not believe that it would cost more than 50 thousand dollars for one in 10 years.

I would be a billionaire :)

From that moment until now I have been working on crypto. I trade and invest, take part in ambassadorial programs of various projects and also write articles, but this is only for myself.

It was written in a few minutes that was in my head. The information here will be constantly added and edited. I will tell you in detail about myself and the stages in my life.

Be continued......


June 10, 2015
The first money earned for writing texts for sites.
April 5, 2014
Creating your first website


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