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Mr.FOX Token

Mr.FOX Token

Mr.FOX Token is created for use with activities on various Mr.FOX platforms, as well as exchanging services between platforms under Mr.FOX's terms of service.

"Mr.FOX TOKEN is the Utility Token that is created for use with activities on the various platforms, including exchanging services between platforms under Mr.FOX's terms of service. The Company uses Blockchain technology to record transactions for completion, accuracy, thoroughness and immutability. The blockchain of chois is Binance Smart Chain.

Mr.FOX presents itself as a company that is creating a content monetization project, developed on blockchain-based smart contracts and a host of social media platforms. As a smart contracts layer, users will be able to onboard the Mr.FOX platform and create social media content of many types, and for many niches, all with an emphasis on low gas fees, customization, speed and various social aspects as well. This will eventually allow content creators to build large scale networks, tokenization use cases, and bring blockchain adaptability to their fanbases. The emphasis appears to be on the content creator,

adaptability, and expanded functionalities such as modular tools or microservices. Mr.FOX plays the central role for a whole set of associated platforms, all benefitting from the fundamental blockchain technology developed by the company.

Supply & Liquidity

» Token Name: Mr.FOX TOKEN

» Symbol: FOX

* Total Supply: 2,000,000,000 FOX

* Decimals: 18

» Expiration: No Expiry Date

* Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain"


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September 2, 2021

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August 15, 2021

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