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Enter the most useful realms of Metaverse. Play, build, trade and earn by assembling NFT-based virtual Memory Palaces that serve as mind storage space for millions of people.

Memoverse is a gamified platform with marketplace and decentralized finance (DeFi)

instruments for investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs) used to assemble virtual

memory palaces that serve as a secure storage space for important information.

Memoverse combines high-quality NFT assets with DeFi economy to build the Metaverse

of virtual worlds with arguably the most significant real-world use case in the NFT

gaming space up to date.

Memory Palaces enable people to easily memorize any type of information, including the

private keys for numerous crypto wallets.

Memoverse has recently signed an exclusive partnership with memoryOS, expanding the

horizons and the utility of our gaming NFTs and the MEMO token by integrating

decentralized Memory Palaces with their product. memoryOS is a fast-growing edtech

startup co-founded by the 2X World Memory Champion that teaches memorization skills

(i.e. mnemonic techniques) with the help of gamified e-learning and their patented Mind

Palace Virtual Implant technology. They have recently obtained the title of the Most

Funded App in the history of Kickstarter, featured by TechCrunch and are supported by

The Stephen Hawking Foundation. Charles Hoskinson (founder of Cardano and cocreator of Etherium) is also an early user of memoryOS. Co-founders of memoryOS are

also helping the Memoverse team in bringing this project to life.

Memoverse will provide an advanced NFT platform to earn while playing, trading,

lending, renting, staking and wining NFT based game assets – separately or as wrapped

packs in the form of completed rooms and palaces.


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