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Kymera produces electric body boards.

Kymera is an award-winning company that produces electric water boards which run on batteries. The company originated in California and was established in 2011. It aims to transform outdoor sports with the latest technologies in body boards. Kymera offers people lightweight, electric jet body boards to make their body boarding experience more fun and adventurous.

Kymera developed the world's first electric body boards. They can reach racing speeds of up to 20mph. A fully charged battery runs for approximately 90 minutes for a non-stop water experience. The normal charging time is 2 hours with an upgraded charger and 8 hours with a standard charger. (There is a weight limit of 200lbs for these body boards.)

Boards can also be operated via Bluetooth sensors and a remote control device for more convenient, flexible control. It allows riders to control the speed and direction of the body board efficiently, making learning to ride more exciting and fun.

Standard electric boards measure 81″ in length, 32″ in width and 12” in height. They incorporate 5,000 Watts of power and are lightweight, weighing about 46lbs, which the battery weighs around 24lbs. Kymera’s body boards come with a warranty and guarantee that they will be free from defects in workmanship and materials, which includes the battery, for a period of one year.



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