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Kollect Ambassador Program

Kollect Ambassador Program

Complete information about Kollect Ambassador Program to earn Unknown(KOL) with howto instructions, rewards, links, dates and descriptions


Kollect is at the front lines leading the paradigm shift and revolution by bringing real utility to NFTs. To help on this journey to educate and shift the current NFT paradigm, Kollect is inviting members to join to help drive adoption. Spread the word about the project, take part in this new and exciting time and win monthly rewards in KOL tokens.

Kollect Ambassador Benefits:

Become official representatives of Kollect in your region.

Chance to become a featured community member on a monthly basis.

Exclusive access to news, updates, and events from the Kollect team.

Be eligible to win monthly rewards in KOL tokens

And many more

Who’s Eligible to Become an Ambassador?

You are passionate about crypto.

You are interested in blockchain, and you want to gain hands-on knowledge of crypto markets and the blockchain space.

You are a marketing and content enthusiast. You love building content and have creative ideas.

Even if you are not crypto-savvy, you can still become a Kollect Ambassador.

What Will You Do?

Have the authority to promote Kollect within your group.

Support and study the project.

Be on the lookout for potential partners.

Create content such as creating blog postings, videos, gifs, podcasts, one-pager, and more.

Run native communities and establish, lead and moderate local communities on telegram or other platforms.

Organize and host in-person events and virtual online events in local communities.

Translate and help Kollect with translations into other languages.

help with any activities that will be beneficial for Kollect in terms of marketing.

Selected Ambassador Announcement

The Kollect team will be reaching out to chosen Ambassadors through the e-mail that was listed in the application form.

About Kollect

Kollect is the first yield-generating and IP-driven NFT collection book in the GameFi space. Users can purchase Kollect NFTs to complete yield generating collection books and battle with friends on-chain in original play-to-earn card games. $KOL is the utility token of the Kollect ecosystem, and holders can enjoy exclusive perks and drops. Kollect envisions becoming the premium hub for NFT collectibles and play-to-earn games.


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