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Heading Home

Heading Home is one of Boston's leading providers of emergency shelter, transitional, and permanent housing for extremely low-income families and individuals currently or formerly experiencing homelessness.

Heading Home provides emergency, transitional and permanent housing, and support services, to extremely low-income homeless and formerly homeless children and adults, primarily in the communities of Boston, Cambridge, Chelsea, Everett, Malden, Medford, Quincy, Revere, and Somerville.

Heading Home is one of the few Boston-area homeless-serving agencies that helps both individuals and families. At times, a client may shift from needing individual support to needing a family program, through reunification as an example. Our ability to offer this smooth transition, and to address the often multitude of complex contributing factors, makes Heading Home a unique and effective homeless service provider.

As our name reflects, we believe that a stable home provides the optimal foundation to get back on track; our programs focus heavily on assessment, engagement, individual goal-setting, and securing permanent housing for our clients as quickly as possible.



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