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Ground control 2 - Operation Exodus

Ground control 2 - Operation Exodus

video game

is a tactical real-time strategy game developed by Massive Entertainment and released by Vivendi Universal on June 18, 2004. The game is a continuation of the popular game "Ground Control". Like its predecessor, Ground Control II features 3D graphics and a rotating camera.

Game process

Unlike most real-time strategy games, the game focuses more on combat and tactics than base building and economics. Despite this, the game still has some elements of RTS, including the only resource - acquisition points, which the player receives by capturing and holding certain points on the map, as well as by destroying enemy units. The influx of points also depends on the size of the player's army - the larger the army, the less points the player receives. Acquisition points allow the player to upgrade vehicles, call in reinforcements to the battlefield, and use support weapons unique to each faction. The main goal of the player is to destroy the enemy and capture all the key points on the map.

There is a three-way conflict in the game, but the player can only choose from two factions: the Northstar Alliance and the Viron Nomads. The Earth Empire is a non-playable faction, only present in the campaign. All troops arrive on the battlefield by means of shuttles (eng. Dropships). These troops include infantry, tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopters, artillery, and stationary guns. Unlike the first game, troops cannot be modified; instead, each unit has a secondary function (for example, the Destroyer Mobile Fortress can open the side armor plates and push them forward, allowing less protected troops to cover behind them). You can also buy upgrades to the shuttle, since after the delivery of troops, the shuttle can be used as a powerful air combat unit for a short time, although it is quite vulnerable to anti-air missiles. Do not be afraid of the destruction of the shuttle after the unloading of the military forces, a new one will be used to deliver the next reinforcement. On the other hand, the destruction of such an important ship can give the enemy an advantage in terms of resources.


Northern Star Alliance

The NEA is a conglomerate of the Democratic colonies of the former Kraven Corporation. The capital of the NEA is the planet Morning Star Prime. Before the war, the colonies lived in peace and prosperity. Now the citizens of the NEA have to fight to defend their way of life from the ruthless Earth Empire.

NEA troops use conventional ballistic weapons and traditional wheeled and tracked ground vehicles called "terradynes". Their technology is an evolution of the Kraven Corporation technology from the original game and is just as effective as it was 300 years ago. NEA units are usually better protected but slower than Viron and Terran units. Because Terradynes cannot fly (unlike Hoverdynes and Centruroids), NEA troops cannot cross waters without air transport.

Vironian Nomads

Virons are bipedal intelligent organisms that use nanotechnology along with organic machines. The first contact with them took place in the XXV century, when Sarah Parker accidentally crossed the border of their territories. Diplomatic expeditions were sent to them, but the aliens responded with an attack. Virons are xenophobic and do not like to be far from their domains. Their society is divided into clans, and their culture is built on a strict code of honor. Titles usually follow the name, and not vice versa, as in humans; for example, in the name "G'hall Wy'kat", "G'hall" is the name, and "Wy'kat" means "chief of the clan", in the same way the Virons call Angelus "Angelus-Captain".

All Viron units are living organisms and can slowly regenerate. Viron machines are called "centruroids" and are somewhat similar to hoverdynes. Their unique fusing ability allows two basic units to fuse into one more advanced unit. This process is completely reversible. This ability makes Viron troops very flexible, although units in the process of merging / splitting are practically defenseless.


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