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Enemy Metal

Enemy Metal

A blockchain game

Enemy Metal Introduction

Enemy Metal is more than just a game, it is a bold adventure designed and developed to prioritize players. Build colonies across vibrant worlds and prepare for the battle against the mysterious Enemy that threatens the peaceful planets of the Sunstar System. Join the adventure and help build the mines and starports that will power a revolutionary new economy using NFTs powered by blockchain technology.

The Adventure Begins

Long ago, humanity left the earth in search of a new home. Many generations passed and we travelled almost 20 light-years in a massive titan ship to Sigma Draconis, which we now call the Sunstar. When we finally arrived, we discovered a paradise called Aureus, the planet of gold. It was rich in minerals and life and humanity flourished. Food and resources were plentiful so we lived in peace for many generations. To mine and harvest the resources, we built starships and after a while, they were capable of traveling to other planets in the Sunstar system. Some humans will always be driven to conquer the frontier and so we began to colonize the more hostile worlds. We built giant domed colonies on Glaceus, an icy wasteland on the edge of the habitable zone, and on the fiery planet of Ignis, we built underground to survive the intense heat of the Sunstar. Then the arrival came and the dark moon Arcana appeared as if from nowhere in the skies above Aureus. The enemy attacked without warning, so we rushed to defend ourselves. We loaded our starships with weapons and shields that we never needed before and for now, we are holding back their onslaught but their attacks grow stronger each day and now we have no choice. We must construct mines so we can gather more resources. We must build starports to protect our new home. We must prepare for war.

The Vision

A balanced economic cycle using non-fungible tokens, which is designed to maintain the rarity of assets and give players the ability to mine for new NFTs.

Build to Own, Own to Earn

Our intuitive and secure marketplace allows you to buy and sell all Enemy Metal assets using Flow or US Dollars. This marketplace is the foundation on which we aim to build a player driven economy for the Enemy Metal adventure.

All Enemy Metal assets, now and in the future, can be freely bought and sold on the secondary market. This includes sealed card packs, individual cards and even upgraded Construction cards, such as Mines and Starports. It will also include 3D assets, like Starships, built in the Starship Factory.

The mining game is designed to involve players in the economy as we build the Enemy Metal adventure. Players will be able to build Mines and Starports on the planets of the Sunstar System using trading cards, from card packs and individual cards from other players on the marketplace. Finally, to complete the system, these Mines and Starports will begin to produce new cards, which can also be freely bought and sold.

A balanced economy designed for players

Balanced Economic Cycle

Purchase card packs from the store or buy and sell individual cards from other players on the marketplace.

Trade in duplicate cards to build mines and starports.

Use your mines and starports to create new NFTs.

When NFTs are upgraded, they are removed from circulation which increases the rarity of the remaining NFTs.

Development Plan

Our goal is to build a revolutionary new economy using non-fungible tokens (NFTs) through distinct development phases.


Digital Trading Card NFTs are available for sale.


Players will be able to freely buy and sell their NFTs, including upgraded NFTs on the Enemy Metal marketplace.


Duplicate cards can be upgraded to build mines and starports.


When mining operations begin, players that own mines and starports will be able to create new NFTs.


1) Foundation cards sale - Aug 4th 2021 - Completed

2) Enemy Metal secondary market opening – Dec 2021 - Completed

3) Trading cards gamification system (Upgrades, Mining, Crafting) - In progress


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