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Dbox is a decentralized inbox that runs entirely on the Internet Computer and guarantees secure, private, spam-free communication with no email address needed.

Presenting dbox: The dApp Inbox that will Supercharge the Blockchain Ecosystem

Dbox is the inbox of the Internet Computer and the first seamless solution to on-chain dApp-to-user communication. It enables users to register at websites without providing an e-mail address while still being able to receive messages such as mail and notifications.

No email address needed

Dbox uses your Internet Identity and nothing else. Websites communicate to you by your public domain-unique Principal ID associated with the user identity context.

Forget using passwords

Since dbox uses Internet Identity for authentication and authorization, you can simply access your inbox with fingerprint or facial recognition - giving you the best user experience possible.

Say goodbye to spam

You will only be able to receive messages from canisters that you have interacted with and approved as senders. Simply put, your inbox will be spam-free.

Unparalleled privacy

Websites only need your Principal ID, which is unique to each website. It is impossible to trace your Principal ID to your inbox and thus, your identity.

Blockchain security

Dbox operates completely on-chain. Your data is securely stored on the Internet Computer, only accessible by you.

Instantaneous delivery

Forget waiting hours - or even days - for an email to be delivered. Since dbox is built on the Internet Computer, it operates at web speed.


Don't let your private messages be sold to the highest bidder. With dbox, only you can access your data, enabling you to take control of your personal information.


Dbox will be supported and maintained by a non-profit organization "DBOX Foundation". Of course, the code will be open-source and trustless.

Self governed

Dbox will be governed by a native governance token, aligning incentives for all participants. Keep an eye out for future airdrops and token sales!


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