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How To Get Started With SpookySwap

In this “How To Get Started With SpookySwap” guide, we will walk you through how to convert FTM to BOO Tokens so you can take full advantage of Fantom DeFi through SpookySwap. We promise it’s not as scary to use as it looks!

Covered In This SpookySwap Guide:
  • Getting $FTM Tokens On Metamask
  • Getting Started On SpookySwap
  • Trading $FTM For $BOO
  • Staking On SpookySwap
  • Liquidity Pools On Spooky Swap

SpookySwap (BOO) is the most used automated market-making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) platform that runs on the Fantom Opera network. It allows users to swap tokens without an intermediate pair of hands. It offers other opportunities for users interested in DeFi, including staking and adding to liquidity pools.

Fantom DeFi: Getting $FTM Tokens On Metamask

In order to use SpookySwap, you will need to acquire some Fantom ($FTM). This can be done a variety of ways, but the most common way is to purchase $FTM off of a centralized exchange. After that, you have to withdraw your $FTM from a centralized exchange to an external wallet (typically a browser wallet). For this, Metamask is one of the most used, functional, and secure wallets out there. If you are unfamiliar with this process, go ahead and visit our “How To Get On Fantom DeFi” article for a step by step guide to this process.

Getting Started On SpookySwap

Now that you have $FTM on your Metamask, we can go ahead and get started with SpookySwap. The first thing to do is connect to SpookySwap and the Fantom Opera network. On the SpookySwap home page, you will see “Connect Wallet” in the top right of the page, click that to connect your MetaMask.


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