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CryptoSkulls are 10,000 collectible ERC-721 NFTs stored on Ethereum / Polygon blockchains. Limited crypto art on Rarible.

CryptoSkulls was created by developer and artist Alex Slayer. Launched in May 2019, while this collection reached the market around the same time as innovative projects like Plasma Bears and Autoglyphs, its 10,000 supply and pixel-art design was a unique callback to Larva Labs’ groundbreaking 2017 project CryptoPunks.

Akin to the contemporary PFP (profile-picture) projects that have popped up over the last year, each NFT in the CryptoSkulls collection has a varying array of traits, with some being rarer than others. In the case of CryptoSkulls, this range of attributes is called a Uniqueness Index. On the Uniqueness Index, the fewer traits a Skull has, the rarer it is.

Beyond the general supply of CryptoSkulls, the project’s founding team also released 10 Skull Lords. These legendary-tier NFTs were hand-drawn, assigned names, and endowed with a Uniqueness Index of 1.

It seems not all Skull Lords were created equal though, as most (#9, #24, #27, #36, #41, #43 and #70) display static pixel images, the art for CryptoSkull #19, CryptoSkull #20, and CryptoSkull #42 links to short, animated YouTube videos complete with music.

CryptoSkulls are 10,000 collectible ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens stored on Ethereum blockchain. Each CryptoSkull character is a unique pixel art image."


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