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Giving control of the entire ticket lifecycle to event organizers

ComeTogether ( provides infrastructure for event ticketing, fraud and scalping prevention along with secondary market revenue management. EOSIO blockchain ticketing engine controls the entire lifecycle of a ticket.

Developed BackTogether – COVID-19 Passports (COVID and antibody test status) when the events industry shut down during lockdowns. Functionality has been integrated into ComeTogether, adding a health component to the tickets, to enable safe restart of events.

The scanner native app can scan QR codes representing tickets. On every scan it invalidates a ticket on the EOSIO blockchain and provides ticket status validation. The app works under low bandwidth and low battery consumption as well as in offline mode. The company managed to achieve the aforementioned goals by using MQTT protocol and MongoDB realm sync. The app is also working concurrently for many scanner devices with real time sync among those devices for events with multiple entrances.

For example, as soon as a validator scans a ticket for a specific event on one device an update occurs to all other scanner devices that are connected to this event. The app is intended to be used by the ticket validators in the entrance.

BackTogether is a COVID-19 health passport solution providing archival and status validation for COVID-19 tests (rapid/RT-PCR), antibody tests and vaccinations. The application can be interoperable with any other health passport solution (from the public or private sectors) that is required.

The health status validation is targeted for access control to sensitive or crowded places (eg., nursing homes, hospitals, airports, live events, theaters, etc.).The access control rules are customisable, with the possibility to set which tests or vaccines will be accepted, for how much time tests are considered valid etc. Therefore, making it really adaptable to ever changing government or local regulations.


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