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Cicada Exchange

Cicada Exchange

Cicada Exchange is an electronic marketplace that allows mobile operators to buy and sell roaming capacity to each other.


Cicada Exchange Limited was formed and incorporated in January 2019 in Dublin, Ireland. The company is an online trading platform. Anthony Shortall founded the company after seeing the difficulty with negotiating roaming agreements between mobile operators.

The mission of the company is to simplify trading wireless capacity so it can be used more efficiently. Cicada Exchange is an Associate Member of the GSMA, the primary industry association.

Cicada Exchange got its name and logo from the superfamily of insects by the same name. The name was chosen for its history and symbolism relating to Homer's Iliad and motifs in art from the Chinese Shang dynasty.

Founder and CEO

Anthony Shortall earned his Master's in economics from the University College Cork, his Master of Laws in competition law and economics from the Brussels School of Competition, and his Bachelor's in economics from University College Cork. Shortall has experience as an economist and economic advisor for various companies in the Dublin and Belgium areas of Europe.Shortall is also the founder of Telage, a consultancy in the field of telecommunications economics and regulation.

The company's current CEO is Gøran B. Aasen. Aasen earned his engineering degree in 1990 from Narvik Ingeniør Høyskole (NIH) and has experience at start-ups and large multinational companies like Ericsson, IBM, and Oracle.

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