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Business Scanner - сервис бизнес-аналитики для предпринимателей. Важнейшие показатели бизнеса на 1 экране, мгновенная аналитика, понятный управленческий учёт и построение прогнозов с точностью до 99%.

Business Scanner is a business intelligence service for entrepreneurs. The most important business indicators on 1 screen, instant analytics, clear management accounting and forecasting with an accuracy of up to 99%.

The work of a modern manager is impossible without an analysis of the company's activities. There are many tools for management analysis. This is ABC analysis, and cohort analysis, and RFM analysis, and XYZ analysis, but one of the most effective sales analytics tools is factor analysis.

Factor analysis is an analysis of the company's activities based on a set of parameters (factors).

In terms of the controls for analytics segments and filters, this report resembles the classic report "Sales", so it will not be difficult for users of the service to learn some features of using this report. The main task for the analysis in this report is to search for interrelated parameters, taking into account the applied filters and segments, which will help the manager understand which (or which) of the factors, i.e. performance parameters, have some other impact on the performance of the company and its employees as a whole .

Let's list the main parameters that are used in factor analysis:

Number of counterparties (in pieces)

Price (realization)

Price (cost)

Markup (Profit/Cost*100%)

Profitability (Profit/Revenue*100%)

Quantity (of goods and services in units of measure)

Profit (gross profit of the company)

Price cost (of goods and services)

Revenue (total revenue, company turnover)

Factor analysis


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