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Blue Room Innovation

Blue Room Innovation

DLT developers, creating Blockchain-based solutions

We are a young start-up focused on new technologies; our core team are high skilled developers specialized in blockchain. We have a proven track record on developing solutions using blockchain. We also have a strong relationship with the research Centre Easy of the University of Girona, leaders in Artificial Intelligence and blockchain’s research. We view technology as a fundamental enabler to achieve the sustainability goals of the Green Deal.

Identity has been a pervasive issue in the art world for decades. Determining the authenticity of a piece of art is quite a challenge, and crucial, too, since the identity of the author often determines the price. Provenance is one of the most difficult aspects of the art world. NFTs raise even further doubts about authenticity, because in the digital world, who can really tell who’s behind the keyboard, or if the link to a particular internet address is the real piece, or a copy of it. The solution to this conundrum is the integration of NFTs with Self-sovereign identity (SSI). By linking NFTs with a digital ID, it becomes possible to trace any one art piece, and verify the piece’s authenticity and legitimate author. Because SSI is built for blockchain-based identities, it is the perfect solution to bring identity to NFTs!

Our extension of the NFT ERC 721 – SCENTS – will solve some of this problems by providing an unique self-sovereign identity to each piece of art based on its real track record in expositions and its relevance for the audience which with SCENTS have the permanent bound with its favourite peace of arts and stays connected to them independently of the property ensuring collectors are paying for the quality of the art which with its followers and lovers a part of the quality proof based on the fame of the artist. SCENTS fine tracks the exposure of pieces of art as a proof of value and as a ground for measuring exposure shares for creators and owners.


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