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BNBPAY Wallet incorporates ERC-1363 EIP that allows customers to spend crypto at ecommerce stores and local cafe or restaurant, all for only pennies in fees.

BNBPay is built on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC) and has no affilitaion with any other products of companies with that name. BNBPay is not affiliated with Binance or any of Binance products. It incorporates ERC-1363 EIP and implementation to enable ecommerce and offline merchant payments, allowing them access a decentralised, instant payments with only pennies of transaction fee. BNBPay is making instant crypto payments possible.

Problems BNBPAY's trying to solve:

• Replacing traditional payments such as visa, mastercard and paypal who charges up to 3% per transaction.

• Decentralised payment, no single point of failure

• Cross border transfers without fear of 3rd party monitoring

• Fast, cheap and reliable – cost pennies to transfer no matter the amount

• Making payment rewarding like never before

Tokens will be burned gradually to ensure $BPAY stays deflationary.

2% of all transaction fees will be used to buyback $BPAY (buyback then burn to reduce supply).

BNBPay accepts all BSC tokens. Be it a meme token or a utility token, it can be used to pay for expenses with participated BNBPay merchants.


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