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Decentralized protocol incubating and funding the future's ideas

The Cryptocurrency market is approaching an explosion, many ecosystems are strongly developed along with a

series of new blockchain projects being launched every day.

Avastarter was born to meet the needs of the market and improve, support potential projects to get a solid

launchpad into the future of the Crypto world.

Not only a simple fundraising platform, but we also create many different forms of project launch such as IDO, IAO,

IEO, to help Startups find the most suitable direction for their projects.

Avastarter will operate as an incubator for potential projects, as well as a screening, connecting system, and give

opportunities for Investors to participate in these projects early. We especially support projects launched on Avalanche network - one of the Blockchain chains with the strongest technology foundation and development potential today.

With a decentralized mechanism and transparent Blockchain platform, Avastarter will create a launchpad that

excels in quantity and quality and builds a comprehensive supporting ecosystem for Blockchain Startups.

Avastarter wants to create a new revolution, breaking the rigid rules on existing launchpads to remove the barriers in finding the launchpad platform for Startups and support the direction of Investors' capital effectively. Promote incubation for projects on any network such as Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, Carnado.

Avastarter's goal in 2021-2022 is to perfect the ecosystem and become the leading multi-chain launchpad platform in the Crypto market.


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